Artists should be feeling “Nxrvous”! Out of the northwest suburbs of Chicago Nxrvous (Previously known as Shelbs) has been making a big impact. Nxrvous’s next song will have a feature with an artist he loves to work with by the name of Anxious (No pun intended). The upcoming song will be called “At the End of the Day” and has lots of meaning to both the artists. We caught up with Nxrvous to hear what he had to say about his upcoming release. “It challenges you to always wait for your time, but when that time comes to push as hard as you can while still being yourself. At the end of the day it falls down on you to seize what you know you deserve, and the universe will respond if you’ve been an honest person the whole time.” Nxrvous met Anxious (Properly known as Emmett) through a friend who recommended them collaborating saying that they could make great music together. “Ever since the first song, we’ve literally only made hit records. I don’t understand this man! But this song was the second song we ever made and I love it so much. This song reminds me every day why I always should send Emmett my unfinished songs” Nxrvous said to us. If he could work with any artist in the world Nxrvous would choose Blackbear, “I’m his biggest fan”. He first got into Blackbear after he made the beat for Justin Bieber’s hit song “Boyfriend” and loved Blackbears dark pop as well. Music is one of the only things that has kept Nxrvous moving through The terrible Pandemic and year of 2020. “It’s kept me alive through the dark parts. Music has single handedly gotten me through all of the things life threw my way in 2020. Music and I have a wonderful relationship. It’s always there for me when I need it.” Nxrvous has many different goals that he wants to accomplish in 2021, His main goal is to pass over 100,000 monthly listeners on spotify. If he does not accomplish this goal Nxrvous will still be working harder than ever as he has seen lots of growth since his name switch and loves the collbarting he has been doing with other talented artists. Nxrvous has a different way of making music compared to other artists, instead of jumping into writing a hook or verse he first finds a chorus that matches the beat. “I get a beat that makes me think of a chorus idea. As soon as I have a good chorus the verses come pretty fast afterward. Sometimes I’ll write a hook or a melody before I find a beat, but it’s very rare. Usually I find the beat first, then lyrics later.” His favorite thing about being a musical artist is collabing with other talented artists out there and making hits while doing so. Lastly we asked Nxrvous What is something personal that you want people to know about you or your music, He had a longer answer then any other artists we have previously covered and we wanted to leave his answer completely unedited here it is. “I want to take this question to mention everybody who has helped me so far since I started Nxrvous in January. Henry AZ thank you for being a loyal friend, collaborator, and damn near manager. You came to me when I essentially thought it was over for me. Emma G thank you for always being there for me and thank you for always showing me that no matter what we rise from a fall. Best friends to the moon! Ethan, I’m thankful for your generosity, friendship, and loyalty. There is nobody who has supported me more and for so long. Unit! Jacob Lincoln thank you for being my only bandmate, my close friend and collaborator, and you’re welcome we finally got on Medium! Max Lowe thank you for coming into my life at the perfect time and shifting my mindset and outlook on life. I owe you my motivation and essentially half my good ideas. Darius King thank you for always staying solid and I’m enterally proud of you and your recent and continued success. Purpprxmi and kodiak thank you for taking a chance on me. We rise together. More life to everybody who continues to support me!” We, like everybody else, have absolutely no idea what the future holds for Nxrvous, But we think it will be nothing but bright for this young star and lover of music. But for now you can go stream his latest song “Chitown Weather.” Available on all major streaming platforms!




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