Hrs. Is Creating Industry Waves

Photo of the young artist

Hrs. “Rhadi Smith” the 14 y/o rapper from St. Louis, has been making waves in the muisc industry. Influenced by mainstream artists such as; JID, Isaiah Rashad, Smino, Earl Sweatshirt, XXXTENTACION, and Chance The Rapper, the young rapper really has something great going for himself.

Hrs. started rapping since a really young age, freestyling for his family since he was extremely young. But he really started to take music seriously last year, where he dropped his first song on November 6th 2019, named “Quest”. Now, he has over 1000 total streams on all platforms, which is crazy for someone as young as his age.

He started rapping seriously because he wanted to make a serious change in the world and he knows that being the biggest rapper in the world will make him very influential, plus he says that he has always loved making music. He also says that he wants to get all the praise and accolades for what he does. Lastly, he says that he loves doing shows, he realized this during his first performance, and he wants to be considered the best rapper of all time.

After you have read this article, be sure to check out Hrs. and his work, also be sure to check the music collective he is part of as well, named “GenZinius”, including other artists such as; Isaiah Taylor, Josiah Burton, and Casey Beard. We are hoping that he fulfills his dreams and becomes the best rapper of all time.



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