Look Out for Kid August!

Picture of the young artist.

Kid August, a rapper who started making music seriously back in April 2020, is an artist to look out for. Inspired by artists such as; Juice WRLD, Lilskies, and Iann Dior, this artist is definitely one to look our for.

August said that he started music because, “Its had a huge impact on my entire life, and I started to understand the true meaning behind music and I wanted to be the creator of something I love.”

Right now, August has gained 20,000 streams with 6 tracks in the past 6 months, something to really be proud of.

In 5 years, he wants to see myself with millions of listeners around the world. He wants to create a movement with people who can relate to him and wants to change the world for the better. He wants to show people that they aren’t alone with whatever they are going through, it’s a dark world we live in so he hopes that his music can shed some light and bring people together.

Go check Kid August out, his most recent song is called Hooked, it’s on all platforms.

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