Meet Nate Ouellette!

Nate Outlette

Young artist, Nate Ouellette has recently been making moves in the music industry, gathering over 30,000 monthly listeners as of 12/11/2020, he is definitely an artist to look out for.

Influenced by his father, and mainstream artists such as; Drake, Post Malone & Justin Bieber, he started music by DMing his now manager Robbie Maxx in hopes that he would listen to a song he had written. Ouellette says that he sent him a snippet of him singing and the next day he invited the young artist to a writing session he was having. He had him demo a song and loved what he heard and the rest was history. They worked together on creating many vibes and geared up for some releases over the last 5–6 months. They say their next moves are to pitch their music to TV and Film, get his music in stores, and continue to drop consistently. He says that Robbie and the rest of the Destination Happiness team have really helped jump start his career.

In the future, his goals are to become a household name and win a Grammy, he really wants to become an inspiration to future artists and pave a new path for the music industry.

Check out Nate Ouellette’s music on all platforms, so far, he has released two great tracks on all platforms, named “Dark Skies” and “Whatever It Is”.



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