Tron is on the come up out of Mississippi. The 29 year old artist made his first trip to the studio at the young age of 15. We got the chance to catch up with Tron earlier this week and decided to ask him “how did you first start music?” He had this to say. “My cousin, Anna, is basically how I started. But, Richard Daniels (Mechanix) was the first person to put me in the lab, I was 15. But music has always been a part of my life. I can’t really put an exact date on when I first started, but I can tell you the first person I rhymed w/ was my cousin “Anna.” Trons Favorite thing about being an artist is expressing his reality and life experiences through the different vibes and music he creates. We decided to ask Tron ``Who are your biggest inspirations?” He said this back to us. “My daughter, my mother. My father, he’s not physically present..but his spirit remains with us.” We found this to be a great answer as instead of putting people he has never met he put the people closest to him, This is Beautiful. Tron just recently dropped a project titled “701 Whitewater Dr.” Tron’s favorite song off of the project is titled “Blow” which is a song with a fast paced beat and strong 808s. Tron starts out with a laid back flow that quickly turns into a faster paced flow that more than matches the energy the beat gives off. The inspiration for Tron to make this project was “A new level of heightened awareness and mental growth.” We believe this awareness and Mental growth came from the challenges we all have faced these last couple years through the Pandemic along with many other things. According to Tron There were also no bumps in the road when making the project and it was a “Smooth process”. We found this very interesting and it made us even more excited to listen to since this does not happen often. We asked Tron “What are your overall goals for the project?” and he gave us a very in depth answer we decided to leave completely unedited. “Simply to display the brilliance of Mississippi. We’ve been playing the backend of the music world for too long! Not just there, but in all avenues of life. It’s some very exquisite people here. This is their moment as well, not just mine. It’s deeper than rap. We deserve a seat at the table like everybody else. Besides, from my knowledge of music, Mississippi roots run deep in the industry.” This is a great and deep goal to have for a project. When you think about Mississippi music does not pop into your head at all. Tron is trying to change this and have Mississippi be a music hotspot not only for the country but for the world. We, like everybody else, do not know what the future holds but we know that it is important to have somewhat of a plan so that you can take action on it. This is why we asked Tron “Where do you see yourself in five years?” He said this back. “Who really knows what the universe may bring to me. Hopefully I’ll be locked in the lab w/ Babyface Ray and Rio Da Yung OG. Doing business Brad Jordan (Scarface.) Whatever it is, it’ll be big and I’m working 3 times harder. My mama is in a big house. All my people are in position to help the next get into position. More wealth and long health. Loyalty.” We found this to be a very structured and thought out answer and believe that it is definitely possible with the hardwork and dedication Tron is putting in to his music. To this date Tron hasn over 40 Thousand streams across all major streaming platforms (This does not include his mixtapes on spinrilla, datpiff, soundcloud, and audiomack.) You can follow him on instagram @the_Mfn_king and can email him for any inquiries at I can not encourage you guys to go and listen to this project enough. I think that it could change the scene of the underground as a whole.




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